Seattle Craniosacral Therapy Training Courses


Craniosacral Courses Offered in The Greater Seattle Area

  • Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy Level 1
  • Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy Level 2

Craniosacral Therapy Expert Instructor: Bek Miremis

Bek Miremis is an Occupational Therapist who earned her Master’s of Occupational Therapy from the University of Washington. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology at Oregon State. Bek has been providing craniosacral therapy to children and babies for 9 years, and has been an OT for 13 years. She has studied craniosacral with The Upledger Institute and Bastyr University. Bek is a national continuing education teacher. She has taught hundreds of therapists and teachers about reducing anxiety and problem behaviors in children. She has worked as a school-based OT and in Early Intervention in Washington state. She also provides consultation to private and public schools regarding IEPs and sensory integration solutions for the classroom.

Bek currently provides craniosacral therapy to children from birth to teen in her private practice. Over the years Bek has developed methods and practices that allow the children on her caseload to make more efficient gains in their developmental therapies with OT, PT and SLP services, and with their medical treatments. She also provides breast feeding support, which include traditional OT techniques and craniosacral therapy methods. The result is a myriad of stories and evidence for craniosacral therapy as an essential companion to pediatric developmental therapies and medicine.

Bek has decided to offer this course, as she has become aware of the growing need for craniosacral therapy services, and the volume of clients that are asking for her services. It is her intention to teach others what has been working in her practice, so that more children can have happy, healthy childhoods, and start out ‘on the right foot’ developmentally. We hope that you come and discover how you can integrate craniosacral therapy in your own therapy or medical practice.