Greater Seattle Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy Training Level 2

If you have a group of 5 or more people who would like to host a class, I’m happy to travel near and far to provide this training. Regular classes not currently scheduled.

Time: Total of 21 direct instruction and hands on practice
Cost: Negotiable depending on size of group. Range $400-540 per person

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Course Description:

This is an advanced level craniosacral therapy course designed to give you the skills to assess craniosacral and structural function, as well as administer craniosacral treatments to children and babies. The class is appropriate for healthcare practitioners in training, as well as those who are currently in practice, including ND, DC, MD, OT, PT, SLP, Midwife, LMP. A current working understanding of children, and the ability to develop relationships with children, is helpful.

Level 2 Prerequisites:

Craniosacral Therapy Level 1; Anatomy and Physiology; Human Development

Course Topics:
Review mechanisms of craniosacral therapy
Review basic holds
Special considerations for babies and children
TMJ and structures of the mouth
Facial bone and sinus treatments
Dural Tube and Spinal Unwinding
Bowel treatment