Do you take insurance?

I take First Choice and Regence insurance plans through the end of August.

I am out-of-network for all other insurance plans, and for those two plans after August 2016. I can provide a Superbill/Statement upon request if you would like to submit your claim to your insurance company.

What does it mean to be out of network?

It means that you pay for services at the time of treatment. Then, you may be reimbursed for your out of pocket cost. Many insurance policies have what are called ‘out-of-network’ benefits. You can check your policy to see if you have out-of-network outpatient rehabilitation benefits. If you do, you may be partially reimbursed for your payment for my services. Call your insurance company or read your benefits packet for more details.

Is this therapy safe for my new baby?

I take great care to be sure the treatment is comfortable and safe for your baby. The reason I chose this therapy method for the treatment of babies is that it is slow, calm, comfortable, and enjoyable. Throughout the session your baby will be soothed, either by you or me, and the craniosacral therapy will be given only when s/he is not crying. S/he may also receive treatment while s/he is being fed. Often babies will smile or make sounds for the first time during sessions. Sessions really are a lot of fun for everyone.

My child has autism and can’t sit still, how will you treat her/him?

I’ve been working with kids with Autism for 13 years and know that the most important aspect of their care is gaining trust and going slow. I take my time letting them get to know me, and am very consistent in my behavior so they can relax. I encourage them to bring their favorite books or games, and sometimes may even let them watch a show, during treatment. They then realize that what I do for them feels good, and I’ve had kids who use very few words starting saying the words I use for treatment, ‘head work please.’