Beyond Birth Seattle Breastfeeding Support


Breast Feeding Isn’t Always Easy

In fact, it’s pretty rare for things to go perfectly right away. It’s very common for moms and babies to need help getting everything in place for breast feeding. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out and moms switch to bottle feeding to help the baby gain weight, and give themselves relief from pain. Before you do that, though, there are so many things you can do to make things better. I’ve seen many, many moms who were about to switch to bottles but were able to have a comfortable and connecting breast feeding experience after working with the methods listed below.

Therapies I Provide

In my practice, I provide the following therapies to breast-feeding babies and their mothers:

  • craniosacral therapy
  • oral motor therapy
  • positioning analysis
  • baby exercises

These therapies help the baby have the physical skills needed to breast feed. Additionally, the craniosacral therapy helps the baby recover from the birth process. Which, as you know very well, can be stressful, and even traumatizing. Birth stress can cause neck and jaw tension, among other things, that interrupt the baby’s ability to latch properly. With Breast Feeding Support, all of that can be remedied and relieved.

Who Benefits From Breast Feeding Support?

Breast Feeding Support is for you when:

  • The baby’s latch is tight, or they don’t open their mouth wide.
  • You experience nipple pain.
  • Your baby is not gaining enough weight on breast feeding alone.
  • You feel like your baby is biting you.
  • Breast feeding is frustrating and you don’t feel like you’re bonding with your baby.
  • A tongue tie is suspected or was diagnosed and clipped.
  • You want to prevent tongue tie clipping.